Wide World of Fonts

It’s the wide world of fonts. There are fonts designed for cookbooks, instructional packaging and even spray paint – yes, there’s a font, WC Rhesus, where each letter makes different paint splotches when typed.

This is especially handy when you need a quick couple paint patterns on a design.


But what font is correct to use? What makes the right cookbook font? Why is it “correct?”

At first, I thought, “Who cares?” Then, I chalked it up to “designer talk.” However, that simply wasn’t good enough to satisfy my curiosity. The question remained. It actually strengthened, especially when I began studying communication design and layout.

Fonts quickly became central to my life. They simply matter.

So what’s to them? Who creates them? How can you analyze the typeface choice? Most importantly, what does it say about you? What does it say to your readers?

This blog will share where some of the font designs, or typefaces, came from, and why they work on the web. There’s a Font for That is a collection of resources to find typefaces, designs and guides.

And if you don’t see the value in exploring this field, listen to 3:23 – 4:45 of Steve Jobs’ commencement speech at Stanford University. He certainly appreciated the value of such an art and science.


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