Famous Scientists’ Names

National Science Day in India on February 28 inspired graphic designer Kapil Bhagat to produce these entertaining images. Take a look at these clever posters.

To see the complete collection, visit Kapil Bhagat’s space. A world of thought is conveyed through the use of type. Great ideas.


2 thoughts on “Famous Scientists’ Names

  1. I love these! they remind me of those word puzzles where an image of a combination of words and letters forms a phrase. I think they’re called rebus puzzles. I love the hidden meaning in the images, and the “Newton” one is just funny to a geek like me.

    • I didn’t think of that! They definitely are like rebus puzzles. I’m glad you enjoyed them too. I thought they were very well done and so simple, which to me can be harder to create. Thanks for stopping by!

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