“Talking Shop” – An Interview with designer Holly Gibbs

I caught up with Holly Gibbs, a visual designer at Smart Media Creative. Her blog, The Cre8ive, and her personal website, Holly Marie Gibbs, showcase her work.

Gibbs’ background is in communication and began her design career through communication design. From there, she dabbled in web design and soon immersed herself in the industry. Today, she spends her work time – and her free time for that matter – designing. She tackles all kinds of design from branding to invitations. The field is an ever-changing learning experience, and it’s what she loves to do. A couple of her answers to my endless questions are below. Enjoy!

Q: What do you suggest for people tackling their own design or image? Do you have any helpful guidelines to share with those whose backgrounds are not in design?

Q: You touched on how you’re a big proponent of design for functionality. What is functionality? What makes a design functional?

The designers tend to love every project they receive. A new project should excite and inspire, and Gibbs is no exception. Each project gives her an opportunity to design something important to clients and create something new.

A full transcript of her thoughts on typography, design and her design process will be up soon. In the meantime, check out her work!


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