Motivation Monday: Do What You Love

Take it from one of the greatest inventors and business leaders of the modern-day technological industry: Steve Jobs. It’s as simple as this – to do great work, you must do what you love.

Poster I designed to embody Steve Jobs quote.

Poster I designed to embody Steve Jobs’ quote. The background is Chicago font, which was named after one of Jobs’ favorite cities.

My motivation for this Motivation Monday’s poster has come from Jobs and his appreciation of type. As I pointed out in my first post, Jobs spoke to Stanford’s graduating class of 2005. His appreciation of type and his pivotal role he played in pioneering the introduction of different typefaces on Macintosh computers in 1984 forever opened the gates for digital type.

TrueType (.ttf) is Apple’s development to Adobe’s Type 1 in the 1980s and is now standard across Apple and Windows operating systems. It revolutionized the digital type industry. Now we also have @font-face, a CSS rule that allows developers to display whatever type they would like, not just the limited choices that come standard across web browsers.

But enough of the tech talk. The moral of the story is that without Jobs and his insistence upon keeping the art of calligraphy and typography present in the digital era, we might all be looking at older versions of Courier or similar. By the way, the font I used as the background to this poster is one of the few original fonts Jobs had made in-house at Apple and named after some of his favorite cities. This one in particular is Chicago, a font that was used as the default font for all menus and navigation in some of the first Macintosh computers.

References used for this quick background:


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