Welcome to There’s a Font for That!

I chose this title simply because well, there is a font for that. There’s a font for everything.

Before having any kind of background in design, I was curious as to how and why there are fonts for everything. Can’t Helvetica cover it all?

This is what I learned: absolutely not.

And now I’m an addict. I can online shop for fonts for hours. I “Lynda.com” typography and design for hours – yes, Lynda.com is now a verb.  I analyze street signs. I’ll pick apart advertisements. I no longer look at menus the same way.

Instead of ordering food, I’ll analyze the relationship of the font to the description of the dish. Does it work? Does the menu fit the brand of the restaurant? Why would a bistro ever have a digital-like font? Ok, I digress.

So while not all online users may ever notice all of the typefaces they’re seeing, the truth is that it creates the experience for them. Font is behind it all. That’s the big secret. At least I think so.

People big and small, old and young, college graduates and middle school continuers are revolutionizing the design industry everyday, more specifically fonts. The software on every computer and the availability of the Internet fosters an explosion of ideas and products like never before.

I’m dedicating my free time to collecting these hidden hand-crafted gems. I want to dive deep into the process behind a font’s creation. And I want to explore the new age of quick fixes for design; there are easy ways to update a site but a lack of information allowing people to do so.

Design and typography is an enormous world to jump into. Tread carefully when exploring this industry – take it from someone who is captured by it. There really is no going back…


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